Airbursh Spray Tan - by appointment only

What to do prior and during session?

  1. Dress in loose - loose-fitting clothing (dark colored clothing preferred)
    • A button or zipper top works best, and a pair of loose sweats, shorts or pants
    • NOT yoga pants or tight jeans or tight tops as they may ruin the results
  2. Please bring a pair of slip on sandals/shoes to wear home
  3. If chance of rain - wear clothing to cover airbrushed areas
  4. Cleanse body some time the day of your scheduled appointment
    • skin needs to be clean; no oils, creams, deodorant, perfume or makeup should be present
    • DO NOT use anything that moisturizes (Aveeno and Dove are not good to use day of)
  5. DO NOT shave the same day as the airbrush
    • If you must do not use shaving cream it may act as a blocker for the spray
  6. Women can wear no clothing - up to wearing a bathing suit
    • If wearing undergarment they should be dark colored
  7. Men will need to wear an undergarment of some kind
  8. Mani and/or pedicure should be done the day before not same day

** Remember, even though it looks like you have a suntan, your skin may not be prepared for the actual sun, so, if you are going on vacation or will be in the sun for a period of time; use at least an SPF 30 sun block.

What to expect after your session?

  1. How long to leave on the color – will depend on how dark you want to be. Longer solution is left on the darker the color. Discuss with technician to determine right amount of hours for you
  2. Minimum rub off may occur. For as long as you have it on you can not get wet (or sweat)
  3. AVOID getting wet as color may streak and color processing will cease in those wetted areas. Please do not exercise until rinse shower is taken as this may cause streaking
  4. First shower is with just plain water, for at least 10 minutes to get excess off. NO soap/shampoo
  5. After your first shower everything evens out within the first 24 hours. Do not rub to even it.
  6. You will see brown water when you shower, do not worry. That is just the excess washing off. Over the next 24 hours the tan will continue to process and get darker.
  7. Using soaps or cleansers with micro beads or an exfoliator will remove the tan much faster.
  8. Pool water, ocean water, etc will shorten the life of the airbrush by a couple of days.
  9. If something should occur (ie get wet) you have 2 days to come in for a touch- up.
  10. USE A GOOD MOISTURIZER EVERY SINGLE DAY – try to moisturize at least twice a day. This will extend the life of the tan.