Massage Therapies

Sessions are the full package minutes on the table, client interviews are outside of the table time i.e. 60 minute massage is 60 minutes on the table. Massages are personalized to meet clients specific needs or goals.

Hot Stone Massages

Hot Stone massages are personalized to meet clients specific needs or goals. The warmth of the stones will deeply relax your mind and body. The heated stones are place on the body to induce a relaxed state. Muscles pretreated with the heated stones allow the therapist to more easily perform deep tissue manipulations or achieve total relaxation. Indulge your muscles and mind with a Hot Stone massage.


We use contoured pregnancy pillows to support the mother-to-be, allowing her to obtain a stress relieving massage. The pillows allow the client to lie face down without adding pressure to the baby. Clients may also lie in a semi-reclining position allowing for maximum comfort. Massage helps with many of the aches and pains experienced during a pregnancy.

Ear Candling

An old Native American way to safely remove excess ear wax. When lit, the smoke enters the ear canal, softens the excess wax and a gentle vacuum action is created; drawing the excess wax into the candle. Procedure takes approximately 1 hour. Do NOT attempt this on your own as it involves a flame.