Organic Hair Removal Services - by appointment only

We use Nufree, a soy based wax substitute, adheres to hair ... NOT skin,
meaning less irritation for you!

General Information about Organic Hair Removal

  • Hair should be at least ¼" long for best results (length of fingernail bed or an eyelash)
  • Avoid heavy exercising for 24 hours, due to chaffing of area
  • Do not tan prior to your session, best to wait 24 hours after your session to tan or have sun exposure
  • Schedule a session every 2-6 weeks, when hair is as least 1/4" long to maintain
  • If irritation, swelling or burning sensation occurs, apply a cool, wet wash cloth for 10 minutes to area
  • Taking a nsaid (like ibuprofen) prior to an appointment can help to lessen ‘ouch’ factor
  • Regular sessions allow hair to become finer, thinner and less amount of hair – allowing for longer times between appointments